The NMAAHC Tier II Final Environmental Impact Statement was released in August 2011 and can be downloaded using the link below.

Download the NMAAHC Tier II Final EIS 12.6 MB PDF

Key topics addressed in the Final EIS include:

Land Use and Visitation

  • Site Context
    • How will the museum fit in with surrounding land uses?
  • Visitor Experience
    • How will visitors interact with the site?

Natural Resources

  • Geotechnical and Hazardous Materials
    • What are the sub-surface conditions?
    • Are there geotechnical issues with surrounding properties, including the Washington Monument?
    • Are there any hazardous materials present on the site?
  • Site Performance/Open Space
    • How much of the site will remain open space?
    • How much of the open space will consist of natural areas?
    • How will the museum affect drainage patterns?
    • How will the museum fulfill sustainability goals?

Cultural Resources

  • Historic Resources
    • What is the relationship to surrounding key historic resources?
  • Urban Design and Visual Impacts
    • How will the museum fit within the surrounding urban context?
    • How will the museum effect significant viewsheds?


  • Site Access and Service
    • How will the museum address vehicular access and/or parking by visitors?
    • How will the museum accommodate maintenance/service deliveries?
    • How will the museum address the issue of perimeter security?
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections
    • How do National Mall visitors enter the site and the museum?
    • How will the Museum relate to existing bicycle routes?